Version control for designers = Timeline Lite + PixelNovel account

PixelNovel Timeline is a revolutionary version control system built for designers who use Adobe Photoshop. Timeline features a unique user interface that allows you to always see the file's history and save file versions and get file versions without switching from the main Photoshop window.

manage and control versions of Photoshop files within Adobe Photoshop

Improve your workflow

Have you ever had to save multiple version of the same Adobe Photoshop file helplessly named MyFile1.psd, MyFile_final.psd, MyFile_ForJohn.psd and so on?

With Timeline one file is enough. All versions of your file will be safely kept on the pixelnovel server and you will be able to access them at any time from Photoshop or from your web browser.

Timeline will instantly become an invaluable part of your every day workflow as it solves a whole bunch of problems and risks.

Keep each version of your file

Timeline is a version control system designed specially for Adobe Photoshop files.

Version control system is a software system that allows you to easily store and manage multiple versions of the same file. Whenever you feel that you have done something worth saving you just click a magic button in the Timeline palette in Photoshop, and your file is saved as a version on the PixelNovel server.

You can also add some comment explaining what was done in this version.

View previews and comments in Photoshop

Timeline adds a new panel into Adobe Photoshop that has tiny but useful previews of all your versions. Hover your mouse over any of the preview thumbnails and you will see your comment for this version.

Go back to any version at any time

Click on any of the versions and then press the "Get version" button in Timeline. The selected version will be delivered directly to you in no time.

Don't lose your ideas

With Timeline you can easily experiment with your ideas without the fear of losing any of them. All your versions are securely saved on the server, so you can just play around with your ideas, submit all of them, and then just choose the best one. Or you can easily show all of them to your client via the online viewer and let them choose what they like.